Talent Development Plan for Hiawatha and Howe


Level I Services
( ALL students receive assessment of and brief exposure to student interests through enrichment of core curriculum)

  • Kindergarten: Artist in Residence, Field Trips: Apple Orchard, Minnesota Zoo, Mother Earth Garden. Creative and critical higher thinking skills are taught in our Creative Learning Prep class, using leveled challenges involving rhyme, K’nex, creative drama, movement, brainstorming, Forced Association and more.
  • First Grade: Field Trips: Works Museum and Fort Snelling. Creative Learning classes foster growth in creative/higher-thinking skills via leveled activities specially designed using district Talent Development standards.
  • Second Grade: Guest Speakers, Drama, Field Trips: Minnehaha Falls, Arboretum
  • Third Grade: Guest Speakers: Midwest Foods and Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Visual Thinking Strategies, McDonald’s Service Project, Field Trips: State Capitol, Urban Agricultural Day, Minnehaha Falls, Garden Camp
  • Fourth Grade: Field Trips: Guest Speakers: Midwest Foods, Geologist, Big River Journey, Bakken Museum, Minnesota Orchestra, Junior Achievement, Poetry Program, Minnehaha Falls
  • Fifth Grade: Interest Studies, 5t h Grade Musicals, Heritage Project, International Heritage Night, Field Trips: Big River Journey, Minnesota Zoo Safari, Minnesota History Center, Camp Audubon, Minnehaha Falls
  • ALL Grades : Options Day, Field Trips: MIA Art Adventure, Flint Hills International Children’s Festival at Ordway Center

Level II Services
(MANY students will receive extended opportunities to deepen interest areas through clubs or enrichment clusters, interest-based studies, before- and after-school programs, and competitions)

  • First Grade: ALC, GEMS/GISE
  • Second Grade: ALC, GEMS/GISE
  • Third Grade: After-School Drama, GEMS/GISE
  • Fourth Grade: Young Authors Conference, After-school Drama, Band, Math Challenge Project, GEMS/GISE
  • Fifth Grade: Young Authors Conference, School and District Spelling Bee, After-school Drama, Band, Service Projects, GEMS/GISE
  • All Grades: Riverview Art Show


Level III Services
(SOME students will receive differentiation of core curriculum to provide greater depth, complexity, and intellectual demand within the classroom)

Instructional Strategies for Literacy will include:

  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Prompts for Depth and Complexity
  • Socratic Seminar Universal Theme


Instructional Strategies for Math will include:

  • Critical and Creative Thinking Curriculum
  • Compacting Structured and Open Problems
  • Telescoping Math