Specialist Classes

Each student’s day includes one 55-minute class with a specialist in art, music, physical education, or media. Band is an elective pull-out program for fourth and fifth grade students.

Highlights of each specialist area include:

An art standards-based curriculum for K-5 taught in a fun and creative atmosphere. The elements and principles of design, art history, cultures, and many techniques are taught through a variety of mediums.

Singing; note reading; movement; musical vocabulary; rhythm instruments

A full computer lab.  The Library offers the only "Open Library" Program in MPS. This "Open Library" program encourage all students to check out titles whenever they have a need or want.

Physical Education
Non–competitive atmosphere; lifetime sports/games; fitness and health emphasis.

4th and 5th graders may participate in band. Instruments may be rented from the school for a nominal fee for the entire school year. Students participate in a weekly small group instrument lesson as well as a full band group lesson.