Welcome to the Creative Resource site!  

I'm Eve Blackwell, Teacher on Special Assignment. I've been happily teaching for the Minneapolis Public Schools since 1998, and at Hiawatha Community School since fall, 2013.  My delight is to connect children's passion for learning with core subjects, using tools of theater and other creative arts. I'm a happy grandma with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Ed. and a Master's degree in Theater Arts. In my decades of teaching students K-adult, I've designed and implemented language, literacy and ELL programs for elementary schools, the State of Minnesota, and the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis campus. I'm also a local author, storyteller and Artistic Director of the Wild Yam Cabaret in St. Paul.

    You might be asking, "What is this program about?"  It's all about students having creative fun while they're learning. Our aim is  to deepen student skills beyond the classroom in literacy (reading, writing and speaking skills).  We use presentation, research, theater techniques, and curriculum built around individual student interests. Often our work revolves around multicultural topics. Some of these lessons involve whole classrooms; others involve smaller groups of children who need special challenge in areas of high achievement. 

    The program is fluid, designed according to current student needs. Currently, if you visited a classroom you might see students learning skills in mime or tableau, to illustrate original stories they've written. In the process they're learning comprehension skills  (like how to infer, summarize, etc.) and third-tier vocabulary words, advanced for their grade level.  Student-created work will sometimes be performed for an audience of younger children.

     Hiawatha has some of the brightest, most creative students I've worked with in my career. I'm thrilled to be here, and would love to hear from you. If you'd like more information, I can be reached easiest by email:  Eve.Blackwell@mpls.k12.mn.us