Mrs. Langree, First Grade, Room 107


Welcome to first grade!  My name is Tani Langree.  I've been teaching in Minneapolis Public Schools since 1992 and have been at Hiawatha since 2007.  I earned a BS in Elementary Education from St. Cloud State University and an MS in Counseling from San Francisco State University. My five children have all gone to public schools in Minneapolis. 

First grade is a time of tremendous growth.  It is exciting for the students and the teachers alike.  

Our literacy block is a Reader's/Writer's Workshop model.  Students spend virtually the entire block either reading, writing, or talking about reading.  There are over 3,000 "just right" books at various reading levels from pre-k to 5th grade level from which students choose to read.  Plus, we write write write:  Daily journals, Reading Response Journals, short stories, poems, reports, How-to Books, Personal Narratives....

We have a terrific math curriculum which uses hands-on materials and games to get a firm grounding in number sense and mathematical operations.

Our science curriculum is also hands-on with time to experiment and collect data.

I welcome parent involvement and questions.  I would prefer to have you contact me by email: or with a note sent with your student.



Homework in 107

The homework folder is given to students on the first day of the week and expected back on the last day of the week. 


***The most important part of homework is the part which isn't turned in!! *** 

Daily Scheule

Daily Schedule



Literacy Workshop

Literacy Workshop is the time of day when we focus on reading, talking about reading, and writing:  writing about reading, creative writing, and non-fiction writing.