MIA - Art Adventure

Art Adventure from Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA) is an enrichment program that provides students with an opportunity to explore and experience art up close and personal through the use of art reproductions supplied by MIA. Specially trained classroom volunteers (often parents of Hiawatha and Howe students) share works of art centered around a common theme yet representing various cultures, types of art, and time periods.  Students are encouraged to think critically and creatively about the works of art through open-ended, in-depth classroom discussions often with a hands-on component (feeling pottery, photos of artist, etc).  Students follow-up the class presentation with a visit to the MIA.  MIA docents lead the students on a tour of the themed works allowing students to make connections back to their Art Adventure classroom discussions.

General admission to the MIA is free and Family Day is the 2nd Sunday of each month. 


How People Lived

Various artists; curated and distributed by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, as part of the Art Adventure program. Uploaded September 18, 2013.


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