Learning Targets

Learning Targets - September 16 - 20

Math - Unit 1 - Graphing

1.1 I can name and describe parts of a graph and the type of data it represents.
1.2 I can use graphs to compare data and solve problems.
1.3 I can collect, organize, display and interpret data for solving real-world problems.
1.4 I can create and solve real-world and mathematical problems.



Literacy - Guided Reading Routines

I can recount key details and determine the main idea.

I can describe cause and effect connections.

I can use information gained from graphic features: maps, photos, and captions.

I can compare and contrast key details in two texts on the same topic.

Writer's Workshop

I can record a small moment personal narrative.

I can revise my writing to include descriptive details.


Science - Physics of Sound

I can explain how sound and vibrations are related.

I can compare high-, low-, and medium-pitched sounds.

I can record my observations on sound.

I ca relate the pitch of a sound to the physical properties of the sound source.