Howe Garden Plants

The Howe Garden Team consists of parents, school staff, and members of the community  to 

  • Maintain the garden site: the raised beds, shed, etc.
  • Develop the planting plan and identify plants
  • Communicate garden activities to PTO, Staff and neighborhood
  • Fundraise or solicit for supplies and materials for the garden and programming
  • Coordinate Garden Gatherings throughout the summer, from Planting Days to picnics
  • Recruit and support "Summer Stewards" -- families, staff and neighbors -- who volunteer to care for the garden for a week during the summer. 

We meet quarterly to discuss what needs to get done and how, and then check-in via conference call as needed.  The Garden Team is one where all skillsets are need and appreciated!  From wood-working, garden planning and support, working with kids, holding events or parties to communication and fundraising. Call the school to connect with the Garden Team at 612-668-4640.


Learn more about the history of the garden and see a video on 3rd Grade Garden Camp.


Howe Garden Beds
Howe Garden Classroom