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MPS supports the teaching of handwriting in the primary grades.  The recommended font style is Zaner-Bloser. The selection and purchase of materials to support the teaching of handwriting is the responsibility of each school. 

In K-2, handwriting instruction should take no more than 10 minutes per day including lesson and practice time.  In subsequent grades handwriting instruction can be integrated into content throughout the school day.  Teachers can take advantage of opportunities during the week to embed handwriting practice into learning new letters, new words, and sentence writing. Students can practice number formation as a part of math instruction.


Children of all ages may experience handwriting difficulties. Handwriting problems stand in the way of communicating knowledge, impact self-esteem, grades, and academic independence.

There are many effective interventions, accommodations, and adaptations to improve handwriting. Should your child display any of these problems, speak with your child's teacher, school handwriting specialist, and/or contact an occupational therapist in your area specializing in handwriting difficulties.