Fourth Grade


Daily Learning Targets:

Singing     Mirror movement      Read, write and recognize melodies    Lines and spaces   

Steady beat     Read, write and recognize rhythm     Grade 1 music vocabulary review

Remember to ask your students what they have done in their notebooks.

Leading questions to get to learning targets of the day:

- Did you work on accurate singing? keeping a steady beat?

- Did you do rhythm or melodies? read. write or recognize on the promethean board/

- What notes and rests do you know? grade 1 vocabulary?

- How did you do on the lines and spaces test?

Music Curriculum: UNIT 2

Find the tonal center and melodic direction

Recognize rhythm patterns that use sixteenth notes

Sing a melody with D E G A B

Leading Questions to get to the learning targets of the day:

 - What is the tonal center of a song?

- Can you draw a sixteenth note pattern?

- What song can you sing with the class using D E G A B pitches?