Fifth Grade


Daily learning targets

Singing     Mirror movement     Read, write and recognize melodies     Lines and spaces GAB

Steady beat     Read, write and recognize rhythm     Grade 1 music vocabulary review

Leading questions to get to learning targets of the day:

- Did you work on an accurate singing voice or a steady beat?

- Did you do rhythms or melodies?  read, write or recognize on the promethean board?

- Do you know your notes and rests? Grade 1 vocabulary review

- How did you do on the lines and spaces test?

Room 201

Preparing for "Wizard of Oz"

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Room 203

Music Curriculum: Unit 2

Syncopated rhythm                              Pentatonic                            Partner song/counter melody

Leading questions to get to the learning targets of the day:

- What is an example of a syncopated rhythm?

- Can you explain a pentatonic scale/song to me?

- What song(s) did you do together (partner songs)?  Did you add a counter melody too?