Arts Enrichment Committee

MISSION STATEMENT The purpose of the PTO Arts Committee is to enhance, promote and support arts enrichment and the Arts Specialists at Hiawatha and Howe campuses.

Research shows that students who receive quality arts instruction and regular engaging art experiences during their K-12 education are more successful than their peers academically and socially. This success is measured in increased test scores, engagement, empathy, and collaboration, as well as reduced dropout rates and higher post-secondary completion.


The Arts Committee partners with Hiawatha parents and school staff to build and maintain a cohesive and comprehensive Arts Enrichment. The committee seeks to support all students' abilities to become creative problem solvers by making connections between all learning subjects.  We work together with the Arts Specialists to find ways in which to enhance the arts curriculum through artists-in-residency programs, before/after school activities, events and programs, etc.

Hiawatha-Howe campus has an incredible pool of parents and community members with experience in fine arts, music, theater, and more, and we are looking at opportunities to bring those talents to our school. We have developed a survey to better understand parent interest related to arts enrichment.  Take the survey online at: or give us a call at 612-642-1786 for a paper copy. We are continually looking for feedback and parent involvement!

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