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Hiawatha: 612-668-4610
Howe: 612-668-4640
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Hiawatha K-2
Howe 3-5
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Hiawatha: 4201 42nd Ave S
Howe: 3733 43rd Ave S
Minneapolis 55406
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Howe: 9:25 - 3:55
Hiawatha: 9:35 - 4:05


Additional 42 Minutes: 

Each grade level and content band are handling the additional minutes of instruction differently based on student needs. Many grade level teams have already communicated with their families how their schedules are changing in greater detail. Please see the following grid for a brief overview.  



Grade Level/ Content Area: 



Grade Level/ Content Area: 



Math/ Literacy & Social Emotional Learning 


Third Grade 

Math & Science Time 

First Grade 

Additional Math Time 


Fourth Grade 

Science & Social Studies 

Second Grade 

Science, Social Students & Social Emotional Learning 


Fifth Grade 

Additional Time for Multi-Tiered Systems of Support 


An additional 7 minutes have been provided for each specialist period. 


Snack times have been incorporated into classroom schedules as well. Snacks are being provided either in the morning or afternoon based on each grade level’s lunch period. 

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Hiawatha: 4201 42nd Ave S
Howe: 3733 43rd Ave S
Minneapolis 55406
Hiawatha: 612-668-4610
Howe: 612-668-4640
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