Second Grade


Daily learning targets:

Singing     Read, write, recognize rhythms patters     Grade 1 music vocabulary

Steady beat     Mirror movement

Leading questions to get to learning targets of the day:

- Did you work on your singing voice today?  What song(s) did you sing?

- Did you do any mirror movement today that you can share with me?

- Did you do anything with rhythm patterns today? read, write or recognize them on the promethean board?

- Have you started learning more music vocabulary? phrase, dynamics, strong beat, tempo?

Music Curriculum:  Unit 4

-       New note – dotted half note

-       New pitch – re

-       Read rhythm patterns with dotted half notes, half notes and quarter notes

-       Read a melody pattern with do re mi in it

Leading question to get to the learning targets of the day:

-  Can you draw a dotted half note?

-  Can you write and read a rhythm pattern with a dotted half note in it?

-  Where is re?  between do and mi

-  Can you read a melody pattern with do re mi in it?