Welcome to Wonderful 101

Dear 2nd grade students, parents and guardians,  

Welcome to Second Grade! My name is Ms. Rachael and I am looking forward to learning and growing with your child this year. The best part about second grade is watching the growth and progress in reading and math throughout the year.

You can reach me via email at rachael.okerlund@mpls.k12.mn.us


Rachael Okerlund

Home School Binders

Wonderful 101 will be using home/school binders in replace of the Hiawatha folders. Students will bring their home/school binders to and from school every day. Every Monday a Wonderful 101 Weekly News page will go into the binder. In the Weekly News I will communicate our learning targets, a small summary of what we are doing for the week, upcoming events and paw pencil winners. Homework will also be located in the home/school binder.



Second grade students will be assigned one ½ sheet per day, Monday-Thursday. Students are expected complete the ½ sheet the day it is assigned and return the homework the following morning. Our goal with homework is to build a pattern of accountability and independence so all our second graders can experience success next year at Howe J



If you have any questions please email me or set up a time to meet after school. I am greatly looking forward to partnering with you and your child this year. I am very excited to encourage and support your wonderful new second grader.