Welcome to Third Grade in room 210!
move a thon 2016

I am so excited to welcome you to room 210.  We are going to have an amazing year!  

We are off to a fantastic start.  In reading we have learned skills to help us with our comprehension.  We know that reading is making meaning of the words on the page, not simply saying the words.  Please try to make sure your child is reading 20 minutes at home at least five times a week.  

We have been talking about story grammar, the elements that all stories have.  Our focus has been on characters, setting, problem, key events, and solution.  Reading and adapting fairytales has helped us to recognize these story elements.  

We will begin a new science unit on energy and matter the first week of January.  

Our current math unit is on equal groups, or multiplication.  We are making representations to solve multiplication problems.  We are also discovering that multiplication is the same as repeated addition.  

We are now using Words Their Way spelling sorts in each third grade classroom. Please see the spelling tab to see the current weeks list.



Learning Targets

Here is what we are working on in room 210!

Spelling List Sorts

Here are the spelling sorts for the week of 1/3 - 1/6!  Your child will be tested on 10 of the words from their sort on Friday.