Learning Targets

Learning Targets - August 28


1.1   I can name and describe parts of a graph and the type of data it represents.

1.2   I can use graphs to compare data and solve problems.


1.3   I can collect, organize, display and interpret data for solving real-world problems.

1.4   I can create and solve real-world and mathematical problems.




5.1   I can explain the factors that affect pitch.




1.1   I can read and understand literature and other texts including stories, drama, and poetry, independently and proficiently.

​1.2   I can read and understand information books about history, social studies, science and other areas.

​1.3   I can self-select texts for personal enjoyment, interest, and academic tasks.

​1.4   I can ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of a text, by using the text to find the answer.

​1.5   I can recount stories and identify central messages through key details in the text.



1.5    I can provide reasons that support my opinion. 

​1.6    I can develop and organize my writing based on my audience and purpose.

​1.7    I can select topics and formats for writing.