Learning Targets

Learning Targets - January 3


3.1   I can use equal groups to solve problems and justify my solution.

3.2   I can represent multiplication and division number sentences many different ways and explain my thinking.

3.3   I can create and solve real-world and mathematical problems.




4.1   I can explain how energy can appear in different forms. 

4.2   I can describe how light travels.

4.3   I can measure with accuracty using the metric system. 

4.4   I can describe and compare the different properties of matter. 

4.5   I can explain how states of matter change.

4.6   I can explain ways to generate heat. 




3.1    I can refer explicitly to the text when I ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of the text.  

​3.2    I can recount stories, including fables, folktales, and myths from diverse cultures. I can determine the central message, lesson or moral and explain how I know it using supporting details and ideas in the text. 

​3.3    I can describe characters in a story (e.g. their traits, motivations, or feelings).  I can explain how their actions affect the plot. 




4.2    I can establish a situation, introduce a character and organize events. 

​4.3    I can use dialogue, actions and feelings to show the responses of characters to situations. 

​4.4    I can provide a sense of closure. 

​4.6    I can work with peers and adults to engage in the writing and editing processes.