Daily learning targets:

We will work on finding an accurate singing voice that is soft and light.

We will learn to keep a steady beat and do mirror movement.

We will learn how to be kindergarten music students.

Leading questions to get to the learning targets of the day:

- Did you work on your singing voice today?  What song(s) did you sing?

- Did you keep a steady beat today?  Did you use your body, mirror movement or instruments?

Music Curriculum:  UNIT 3

We will work on singing, steady beat, listening for musical form, identifying the sound of instruments, rhythmic and melodic patterns.

Leading questions to get to learning targets of the day:

- Can you clap a steady beat to a song?

- What are some instruments that you have played in music class?

- Say a rhythm pattern for me.

We have also started working on program songs and manners for their May Kindergarten Celebration.