Welcome to Hiawatha High Five! High Five is a preschool program for children who turn 4 by the end of August. There are two sections of High Five at Hiawatha. There is an am and pm class. The am class goes from 8:40-11:40 and the pm class goes from 12:10-3:10.

My name is Ms. Trent and I got my initial degree from Michigan State University in 1992. I have a degree in Child Development and Teaching and Elementary Education. I also have a masters degree from the University of St. Thomas in Curriculum Instruction and Design.

I enjoy teaching young children. They are full of energy and possibilities! We learn various themes and I enjoy inquiry and project-based work.

I send a weekly homework assignment that gives families an idea of what we do in class. These activities are meant to be fun and engaging. We also have a weekly show and share which gives each child a chance to speak and be heard.

I have two children of my own. I am married with one cat at the present moment. In my spare time, I enjoy biking, cooking, playing games, hiking and travelling.

You can reach me via email at monica.trent@mpls.k12.mn.us or via the school number 668-4610.