Event Coordinators Needed
Wednesday, January 09, 2019 12:50 PM

Event! Megaphone

Heritage Night Co-Coordinator: Mónica Romero will again be providing valuable leadership for this event, but, given the fact that she has a 5th grader and will not be a part of our parent community next year, we are in need of a co-coordinator to ensure a continuity of knowledge.  This event, happening on March 6th, features a showcase of performances, student art work, the 5th grade Heritage Projects, and food from local restaurants.  Our event leaders will work to schedule performances, coordinate with the 5th grade teachers and Arts Committee members on the exhibits, and manage the logistics of the food ordering and delivery (with significant assistance from Lisa Horn).


Spring Fiesta Coordinator: Michelle Boardman has done a fantastic job of organizing the Spring Fiesta for the past several years and she is ready to pass the torch over to a new coordinator (or co-coordinators!).  Michelle will be available to provide guidance and she notes that we have held this event for so many years that it practically organizes itself.  The Fiesta, scheduled for May 16th, features games, food trucks, inflatables, raffle baskets, a silent auction, and much more.


Please reach out to Marye at hiawatha.howe.pto@gmail.com if you are available to step up and take the lead on one of these wonderful PTO events.  Coordinating an event is a very rewarding way to get involved with the PTO, and gives you the opportunity to do the needed work at times that are convenient to you.