A Successful Move-a-thon!
Wednesday, October 10, 2018 1:10 PM


Because of your amazing support, this year's Move-a-thon raised over $50,000 for the PTO! 

These funds suport teachers and classrooms, student enrichment, and school activities and events throughout the year.

Other Awards...

Extended recess is awarded to 1st grade students at Hiawatha and 3rd grade students at Howe.   

Jonny Pop parties: At Hiawatha, Mrs. Winchell (K), Mrs. Christina (1st), Mrs. Bouts (1st), Mrs. McGowan (2nd), and Ms. Waters (2nd).  At Howe, Mrs. Emerson (3rd)

Principal for a Day (Hiawatha): Karuna De Pillis from Ms. Bouts' class
Principal for a Day (Howe): Eduard Tolar from Ms. Gould's class